sue lucine

Hello and Welcome to Sue Lucine’s Website

There is an entity found recently on the ocean floor bed that has no shape or any form .The only way of detecting its presence is by the sand and debris it whips up as it moves.
Three things here. Form . Shape . And Movement.

First of all movement. If the heavens didn’t move there would be no such thing as time or the passing of time . As static there would be no life . And it is ONLY by movement that we know life and the creation of form and shape are the building block of life its self.

Form. Without form we would not be able to recognise anything. Form is the mechanism by which we perceive the world. And it comes in a myriad of Dimensions .its what we see and what we imagine. Form begets shape and it’s the shape of things we find either pleasurable or distasteful .shape controls things and lets us manage our lives and make sense of the world around us . After a while terrifying patterns begin to emerge of the Inevitable, over which we have no control.

It is the duty of the visual artist to take these three and convey what we understand of our world and proclaim it. Artist have a great responsibility to record and transmit ideas of shape, form, and movements to the world to others who might not ordinarily be aware of them.